Cathe Friedrich is often credited with being the first to bring advanced fitness videos to the home exerciser and has helped shatter the theory that only celebrities could star in fitness videos. As a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Cathe has taught thousands of classes at her New Jersey health club and has helped to train many of today’s top instructors. Nearly thirty years and over 170 DVDs later, thousands of people have Cathe Friedrich to thank for helping them to transform their bodies and their lives with her videos and TV appearances. With such impressive experience in fitness training, it isn’t a surprise that Cathe has been inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame this past fall.


Here’s what Cathe had to say about our clothing:


“I'm going to start by saying thank you to FeelFitWear for being our (extremely attentive) clothing sponsor. Veronica and her team have been very responsive to my requests to make a fitness wardrobe that stands the test of time yet reflects comfort, fashion, durability, and wearability. Thank you too for making our latest wardrobe in the nick of time for us. I know you get your fabrics straight from Brazil and it takes time to make it all happen...but you did it and we loved our outfits. *HUGS* “


“ FeelFitWear has most of the clothing you are seeing (all of those really fun pants you asked about are from this company). Their fabrics are high quality, fit well, breathe well, wash well, support well, and are really fun to wear. I chose pieces from their line that were a little more conservative and timeless for filming purposes, however, as you can see, FeelFitWear has very fun apparel that reflects the current trends too. There is definitely something for everyone in this fashionable fitness apparel line!!! “


“ I loved the Adriana tank the most. It fits so beautifully, gives a nice slimming appearance with the way the fabric swoops down in the back and gives me a waistline (which has slipped away since having my beautiful kids which btw, were beyond words worth the trad off)”